About Us

ORMED MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY, CHENNAI , INDIA was acquired by Devon innovations(P) Ltd., Bangalore by purchase from M/s. EMPI , USA . ORMED is the Orthopaedic division of Devon innovations (P) Ltd who manufacture catheters for medical fields of Urology , Gastroentrology & Gynaecology. ORMED Head Office is at Bangalore and its manufacturing facility at CHENNAI. All ORMED products are indigenously manufactured with both imported and indigenous materials.


ORMED primarily manufactures a very specific range of Orthopaedic products. The main product being Total Hip Replacement items, both Stainless Steel Stems and UHMW– Polyethylene (“CHIRULEN”) Cups. Some Surgical Consumables are also produced.

The Ormed product range is :-

  • Stainless Steel Muller and Charnley Total Hip Prosthesis
  • Endernails
  • Kirschner Wires
  • Integral & Modular Bi-Polar Prosthesis
  • Wound Suction Drainage Systems(Variodrains)
  • Intra-Operative Suction Device (Klearsite Cannula)
  • Instrumentation kits for Total Hip Prosthesis, Endernails, BI-Polar and Austin Moore Prosthesis
  • Austin Moore Prosthesis


The company is looking at increasing the range of Orthopaedic products by going into production of Interlocking Nails, and items in the Trauma product range. State of the art Titanium Alloy implants are also under development. The sales force has been increased and the distributor network to increase outreach. The company also has access to import products related to pain therapy from M/s. Empi, U.S.A like TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) items and NMES(Neuro Muscular Electrical stimulation). Also for Physiotherapy, Continuous Passive Motion Machines are imported from Ormed in Germany for sales in India .