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ARTOMOT® - S3 / - S3 comfort
Continuous passive fascination for the shoulder joint

ARTROMOT®-S3 / S3 comfort sets the new standard in functional CPM therapy:

1 Hand-held programming unit: easy-to-use with memory- chipcard storing individual treatment data, including patient compliance monitor with display contrast
2 Conversion: easy-to-convert technique for left and right shoulder treatment, with scales and numbering on adjustments
3 Physiological motion: passive PNF pattern with fully synchronized motors and individual set up of all treatment parameters
4 Maximum ergonomy: arm rest for healthy arm and adjustable patient chair, comfortable with memory foam
5 Maximum usability: in rental programs - large transport wheels, minimum packing dimensions and light weight ( 14.6 x 22.6 x 22.8 in / 55 lb. )
6 Optional: ARTROMOT®-S3 comfort with headrest and shoulder fixation and additional software functions for shoulder CPM
Specifications ARTROMOT® -S3 / S3 comfort

Range of motion (ROM)
- Adduction/Abduction 0 - 30 - 175°
- Internal/External Rotation 90 - 0 - 90°
- Extension/Flexion 0 - 30 - 175°
- Horizontal Adduction/-Abduction (manual set up) 0 -  0 - 125°

Additional software functions:
Warm-up mode 3° / Cycle increasing
Reverse-on-load 1-20
Stretch programs ABD / I-ROT/ E-ROT
ISO ABD-ROT-programm

ARTROMOT® -S3 / -S3 comfort continuous passive motion (CPM) device for the shoulder joint

Art.-No.: 80.00.023

ARTROMOT® -S3 comfort
Art.-No.: 80.00.024

Special indications:

Rotator-cuff repair
Decompression operation/acromioplastic
Arthrotomy, arthroscopy of the shoulder
Joint mobilization under narcosis
Stable fractures and osteosynthesis
Total shoulder replacement