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Closed Wound Suction Drainage System

  Designed for Safe & Effective Post-operative Wound Care

Effective Wound Drainage
  • Uniform wall thickness maintains constant vacuum pressure of 1200mm water column ensuring constant drainage.
  • Plunger acts as a valve and aids in safe suction.
  • Bellow unit is graduated for accurate measurement.
  • Insertion trocar is given optimum sharpness for easy insertion and less trauma.
  • All connection points of VARIO DRAINTM are ensured to eliminate chances of leakage.
Safe post-operative wound drainage
  • All components of VARIO DRAINTM are made of medical grade raw materials.
  • VARIO DRAINTM is a sterile system sterilized by ETO.
Available bellow capacities
  • 500 ml., 200 ml., 50 ml.
Unique Spiral Cut Catheter
  • Absorption area is 4 times higher than any size of conventional porous design.
  • Eliminate chances of blockage due to clots and ensures undisrupted drainage.
  • Due to higher absorption surface the function is not limited by FG size of catheters.

However for various wound sizes different catheter sizes are available.

Available catheter sizes

FG7, FG9, FG12, FG14, FG16 & FG18



To enable suction from wider area or more layers 'Y' connector with two catheters option is available.





Specially designed for draining smaller size wounds as in the case of

  • Fore-arm surgeries
  • Thyroidectomy etc.

Available in the following convenient options.

50 ml. Bellow capacity

  • FG7 catheter

200 ml. Bellow capacity

  • FG9 catheter
500 ml. Bellow capacity
  • FG12 catheter standard
  • FG14 catheter standard
  • FG12 catheter with Y-connector
  • FG16 catheter with Y-connector
  • FG18 catheter with Y-connector